Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Journey to Fulfillment: Front Cover

Review of Author Theresa Franklin's "Journey to Fulfillment

I have the joy of presenting an interview with Theresa today.  I just finished reading her very insightful, fun and real memoir yesterday. You can see my review link on another post on my Log.
Hi Theresa.  Tell us about Journey to Fulfillment.  Journey to Fulfillment chronicles the painful events in my life and the lessons I learned from them.  As difficult as it is to accept, the traumatic events of our lives shapes our thoughts, principles, and convictions.  It is emotionally charged with lots of humorous events to sweeten the painful accounts.
What do you enjoy most about being a published authorI enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that I get.  It is a life-long dream and I am honored that God has allowed me to see it through. 
Tell us about the journey to getting this book published.  It was a very short journey, which is more proof that God had His hand on the steering wheel.  I was writing children’s books and preparing for retirement, when I had an emotional crisis.  During the healing process, I realized how it had guided my path in life.  The Lord impressed upon me to write the book and gave me the title Journey to Fulfillment.  I had submitted the manuscript when the publisher contacted me with an interest in one of my children’s books.  I asked him to read Journey to Fulfillment first.  He read the book that day and sent me a contract the following day.  The Lord was truly working in the writing and publishing of this book.
Reflecting back, what do you see as most significant to your publication journey? And how do your faith and spiritual life play into the picture and affect your storytelling?  Most significant to my publication journey is watching the hand of God work even when I didn’t know He was working.  My faith and spiritual life are the driving force of my storytelling.
What do you think makes your style of storytelling unique?  I have a unique sense of humor, which gets me in trouble sometimes.  I see humor in almost everything in life.  I say that people are the funniest animal God created.  I love to write about the humor of everyday events.
Tell me about yourself.  I am wife, mother, retired teacher and administrator.  I love reading, cake decorating and people watching.
What genera do you write and why? I write both fiction and non-fiction.  I never intended to write non-fiction, but the Lord changes our minds sometimes in order to put us on the path He wants.  I write for children and adults.  It is still a dream to write for young adults.
What was your inspiration for this book?  The inspiration came through the reliving of an emotionally difficult time in my life.  As I looked back at that time, I could see how God had used it to guide other parts of my life.

Thanks so much for sharing.  I know God will use your powerful book to bless many lives.
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New Blog Site

As a newly Published Author, I'm launching into my Author's Blog with a mixture of hesitation and excitement. Blogs and all this stuff are quite new to me, so I will learning as I go.  I am the author of "The Lost Crown of Colonnade."  It is a fantasy adventure novel written for teens and young adults.  However, I've had people from 11 to 95 who have read it and loved it.  If you liked The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis or The Lord of the Rings (including THE HOBBIT) by J.R.R. Tolkien, then you may want to check out my contribution to the world of Christian Fantasy Fiction.  If you want to learn more, go to my book website:  www.lostcrownofcolonnade.com

I just reviewed: 'Journey to Fulfillment' by Theresa Franklin

"Touching, Insightful Memoir". This soul-searching memoir is a very fascinating mixture of Ms. Franklin’s life experiences. It is not a biography, telling the story of her life from start to finish in chronological order. Rather it is a series of events throughout her lifetime described with great sensitivity and insight. Instead of a timeline, she offers us revealing glimpses into key moments in her life as a wife, mother, teacher, special education director and committed Christian. I don’t read many memoirs, but I am thankful I read this one. It touched my heart many times.